Rocking the Red at Dreamforce!

  1. Mark Twain was right. The coldest winter is summer in SF: 
    Annual team hike.

    Annual team hike.

    Our team went for its traditional pre-Dreamforce hike on Monday.This time we started at Lands End park and made it all the way back to the Marina, with a brief detour to walk halfway across the Golden Gate. And while we were in T-Shirts in the City, even our Boston-based crew was reaching for the jackets after about a mile or so.

  2. Einstein just got Smarter: AI, powered by Einstein, was a big focus, peppered into just about every session and product. The Einstein Bot is production ready with lots of good stuff out of the box. However, customers still need time to work out their own use case, and skills for configuring bots aren’t always there
  3. Connected Cities is a big deal…and not just to us: As leaders in the 311 space, we’ve focused on Connected Cities for several years now – and well recognize the potential for modern, cloud-based platforms and mobile apps to transform how governments, at all levels, interact with their citizens. So it was exciting to see Salesforce feature Citizen Service delivery examples in the Government Keynote last Tuesday.

    Will Lin presenting at Dreamforce!

  4. Apple was there…and not just in our pockets:We should all pay attention to the Apple partnership.  We stopped by Apple/Salesforce booth in the expo for a great demo of Salesforce Mobile with the Apple UI team enhancements. Very cool. And Swift for mobile Salesforce app? The engineers among us are jumping for joy!
  5. Whatever happened to Hawaii? Just a few years back,everything was Aloha and Mahalo. Even the Beach Boys showed up at the keynote. These days, while the Ohana remains strong, it’s all about the mountains – pine trees, park rangers, and Trailblazers. But either way, great stuff and really interesting to see Apple building out a Trailhead.
  6. Mulesoft will be big: While Salesforce is still working to truly incorporate Mulesoft in its offerings, it’s clear Mulesoft is a big part of their strategy going forward. From our perspective, this will make it even easier to integrate across the wide array of legacy systems used by our clients. We’ve been using Mulesoft for a few years now, so it’s exciting to see Salesforce bring it into the fold.
  7. Metallica is Loud: We hosted an event for our Financial Services industry clients and colleagues,

    Metallica cloud.

    on a rooftop overlooking the Metallica concert. Even from 30 floors up, we could still hear (and feel) the thunderous roar (seeing was a little tough at times given the trademark SF fog). And with an open bar and hors d’oeuvres, let’s just say we were little sluggish in getting much closer.

  8. Say Hello to Service: Pretty much every demo we saw featured some sort of voice integration, which open the doors to all kinds of possibilities. Imagine telling your Alexa or Siri, “my trash didn’t get picked up” – and having your City take it from there.
  9. Know When to Code ‘Em: Lightning Flow does some really amazing things. Combining that with Lightning Components development brings it to the next level.  And there is a tremendous appetite for best practices achieving the perfect balance

    Rocking the hot red before a white hot presentation.

    of configuration and code development. The Proof? Sold out session last Wednesday of John Hancock/Incapsulate’s demo for modular, configurable Flow leveraging custom Lightning Components.

  10. Dreamforce Sponsor Tiers have more precious stones than a jeweler (can you say Emerald?): While we are happy to be a Gold Partner, with Platinum in our sights for 2019, the sponsorship tiers have more gems than we can even name. But you never know, you may see us with one of them next year.

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