It is Incapsulate’s enthusiasm for invention that has earned the loyalty of both its clients and its people.

Innovation. Captured.

Salesforce Solutions

A trusted partner with a proven track record

Incapsulate is a Silver Salesforce partner with years of experience delivering solutions to governments at levels – federal, state and local – as well as to clients in the insurance, education, banking, and healthcare industries.

Incapsulate’s consultants bring deep experience in the implementation of large CRM and customer service projects, and can assist in defining and implementing the right strategy for your organization at all levels. This, combined with the depth, power and flexibility of the Salesforce platform, makes for meaningful results and outcomes that endure.

We’ve tailored our Agile methodologies to support Salesforce-specific implementation, cutting the time to deliver basic functionality to weeks instead of months. Many of our consultants have multiple Salesforce Certifications and our skills span the full range of Salesforce applications from custom Salesforce1 apps to client-specific Service Cloud implementations.

Performance Analytics

Transforming data into knowledge and understanding

Data is everywhere in today’s connected world but knowledge and understanding are still rare. Organizations now have the tools to collect more data than ever before, but too often struggle with how to make sense of it and use it to make decisions and drive results.

Incapsulate can help turn your data into knowledge through the use of simple yet powerful dashboards that shed light on what’s working – and what isn’t. We are well versed in a variety of tools and approaches (from Tableau to Microstrategy to D3.js) but also understand how to tackle the human factors and cultural barriers that often get in the way of sharing data and make it challenging to identify what’s truly relevant.

And we do it fast, because your data won’t wait for you. Through our agile implementation framework, we have helped our clients – from small startups to Fortune 500 firms – launch management dashboards in less 60 days from project initiation.


Architecting solutions for an anytime, anywhere world

Only a few years ago, mobile apps were a “nice-to-have.” Today, they are essential to any enterprise looking to support customers or a workforce that demands services anytime, anywhere. In fact, many organizations are now taking a Mobile First stance, leveraging a Responsive Design approach to support a wide array of devices in the first release through the use of modern front-end frameworks.

From intuitive design, to application security, to navigating App Store approval processes, Incapsulate has the skills and experience to make your mobile application a success. We’re fluent in the development of native apps across the major mobile platforms as well as with the use of mobile toolkits and reusable frameworks that generate code for use across multiple platforms, speeding application development and facilitating rapid prototyping. We employ an Agile User Experience (UX) approach to get working prototypes in the hands of clients within weeks or even days.

But rather than tell you we get mobile, let us show you. You can download the following through the appropriate App Stores: United Way of NYC (Bridge Walk), John Hancock (Cost of Care app).

Management Consulting

Developing pragmatic approaches to drive outcomes

Everything starts with strategy. You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t know where you are going. At Incapsulate, we believe the best strategies are those that can get implemented.

From our roots as management consultants to our work delivering game-changing IT solutions across the public and private sectors, we understand how to balance the bird’s-eye strategic view with the ground floor realities of project execution.

We draw on experience implementing solutions for some of the world’s largest organizations, from the White House to Fidelity Investments, to craft realistic strategies that help clients get new insights into their business, streamline operations and leverage emerging technologies to improve customer service. We do it shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients since they know their business best, Incapsulate provides the outside perspective to find the innovative path and drive transformational change.

Our Management Consulting capabilities include: Change Management, Capital Planning, Enterprise Architecture, IT Portfolio Management, and Technology Selection.