It is Incapsulate’s enthusiasm for invention that has earned the loyalty of both its clients and its people.

Innovation. Captured.

About Us

Innovation. Captured.

The best ideas are the ones that get done.

At Incapsulate, we balance game-changing innovation with practical know-how to help clients turn ideas into reality. We work with both the public and private sectors – and have supported clients at all levels of government as well as across a wide range of industries such as healthcare, education and financial services. We are experts at doing more with less – many of our most impactful initiatives occurred in the face of fiscal challenges and periods of declining budgets.

We blend deep technical expertise across a variety of platforms and technologies – ranging from mobile and cloud to data visualization using cutting edge tools – with a can-do attitude and understanding of business acquired from working shoulder-to-shoulder with senior executives and government leaders. We are relentlessly results-driven, and don’t shy away from making the tough decisions and recommendations necessary to keep projects on track, stakeholders engaged, and end users delighted.

Our Services

While we have deep capabilities across the full-spectrum of IT and business consulting services, our work centers on the following areas:

  • Salesforce Solutions – A trusted partner with a proven track record
  • Performance Analytics – Transforming data into knowledge and understanding
  • Mobile – Architecting solutions for an anytime, anywhere world
  • Management Consulting – Developing pragmatic approaches to drive outcomes

Industry Expertise

Incapsulate brings specific expertise to clients in the public and private sectors:

  • Constituent/311 Services – We help cities modernize the delivery of citizen services using Salesforce-based 311 / CRM solutions. We’ve worked with leading cities across North America and combine deep domain expertise with proven technical knowledge to bring about true digital transformation.
  • Education – Education has been a longstanding priority for Incapsulate. We’ve helped states such as Ohio and Massachusetts digitize the licensing process for early education providers. And we’ve helped DC Public Schools drive their reform agenda through IT-powered solutions and continue to support delivery of services to students.
  • Financial Services and Insurance – Incapsulate has worked with Fortune 500 clients in the financial services and insurance industries to transform data into knowledge and improve service delivery through the development of custom applications, executive-level dashboards, and Salesforce-based solutions.
  • Healthcare – We’ve helped healthcare providers and state governments deal with the disruptive impacts of emerging technologies, new business models, and a shifting regulatory landscape.
  • State & Local Government – Our roots are the local government level. We understand the challenges of being on the front-lines when it comes to delivering services to citizens and bring the tools, technologies and approaches to help our clients succeed.

Our History

Incapsulate was founded in 2008, in an effort to build a firm that delivered high-impact services like a large-scale management consultancy but maintained the customer intimacy and agility of a startup. Given our roots in cutting-edge technologies, we wanted not only to develop strategies, but also help bring those strategies to life through implementation of innovative IT solutions. Most importantly, we wanted our customers – as well as our customers’ customers – to be at the center of all our efforts. Too often had we seen process get in the way of outcomes, with layers of bureaucracy obscuring the ultimate goal – results that make a difference.

A key turning point came in 2009, when we helped the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) dramatically cut the time it took to get services to students with special needs. Our partnership with DCPS resulted in significant performance improvements to the delivery of special educational services and set the tone for our commitment to technical excellence and passion for making a difference for our clients and those they serve.

Since then we’ve delivered solutions to all levels of government, from the White House on down and have helped leading organizations in education and the financial services, healthcare and insurance industries use emerging technologies to gain better insight into their operations and transform the delivery of services to customers.

We’ve also focused on the use of cloud-based platforms, such as Salesforce, to develop scalable, repeatable solutions to common problem in areas such as Citizen Service Delivery (e.g., 311, the primary contact channel for non-emergency city services) and Licensing.

While we’ve grown to have a presence in Washington D.C., Boston, Toronto and India, we’ve kept close to our entrepreneurial roots. We put the customer first, pride ourselves on excellence of execution, and take care of our people. We continue to focus on work for which we have a passion – directing our efforts and energy where we can make a difference.

Our Principles

How do you innovate? And how do you make it stick. At Incapsulate, our approach to delivering results that endure is grounded in the following core principles:

  • Curiosity – You’ll never get the right answers if you don’t ask the right questions. At Incapsulate, everything starts with why. Our consultants, from our newest developers to most senior executives, always keep the bigger picture in mind. We make it a priority to keep learning, about our clients, about our industry and about ourselves.
  • Simplicity – We believe that less is more. Only when you’ve removed all the distractions and stripped away the clutter, can you get to the heart of the matter and embark upon the path to the right solution. While we are technologists at our core, we put people first. Design matters now more than ever – the best technology is worthless if not intuitive to the end-user.
  • Results-Focus – We think in terms of outcomes and results. On-time and on-budget mean nothing if business and customer results are not achieved. At Incapsulate, success is the difference that our work makes to our clients and those they serve, from students in need of education to city administrators seeking insight into thorny management problems.
  • Data-Driven – We take an evidence-based approach to everything. It may be a cliché, but what gets measured gets managed. And what gets managed gets done. Hunches and instinct count, but to make the case, must be backed up with facts and data.
  • Passion – Quite simply, we love what we do. And we do what we love. Rather than be all things to all people, Incapsulate focuses on services and solutions for which our people have genuine passion. How we deliver matters as much as what we deliver – we know from experience that a motivated, passionate and energized firm will out-deliver anyone else, every time.